Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got sunshine, on a cloudy day

On Aubrey:
Heels-Penny Loves Kenny 
Knee Highs-Betsey Johnson
White Denim Shorts- BDG
Red Belt- Betsey Johnson
Striped Blouse- Guess
Mini Hair Bow- Forever 21

On Melissa:
Necklace- Free People
Fur Collar-H&M

Stockings-Free People
Hello Lovely Bloggers!
Today's commentary is a little different then our typical "have a great week!" Though we all love that because then we get to look at pretty pictures and be on our merry way, I came to an interesting realization this week. Epiphany explanation: One of the wonderful things about going to a design school is every once in a while our school pulls through and we get to see or do something really cool. A very special blogger Garance Dore of came in and spoke to us. The reader's digest version of this story is she spoke to us about the story of her blog and why she does it. It was very inspirational to me and made Melissa and I realize how much we enjoy doing this. However we want to strive to make it the best we can for ourselves and for you to enjoy, so one of the things we realized we need to work on is finding our voice. We all like clothes, right? I mean we talk about them all the time, so why not say more about what we like and don't like here? So from here, we experiment more! Feel free to tell us what does and doesn't work for you or us!

Thanks Dolls,
Have a wonderful weekend!

Written by Aubrey...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Fine Day

On Melissa:
Tank Top-Artizia 
Necklace- Etsy 
(a gift from my sister)
On Aubrey:
Tank Top-Express
Shoes-Kate Spade

A warm day in NYC, the first time in months.  We ventured outside to take photos and walk around the city.  Have a splendid week!! Hopefully the weather sticks around for the weekend.

-The Tailored Two-

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FUSION Fashion Show Fun!

On Aubrey:
Necklace- American Eagle
Dress- Forever 21
Lace Cardigan- Betsey Johnson
Tights- Hue
Black Boots- Bakers
 On Melissa:
Fur Collar-H&M
Blazer- H&M
Stripe Tee-Pac Sun
Jeans-True Religion
Flats-Steve Madden
Bag- Mango
Every year there is a competition between Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons where each school picks 15 designers, they construct 5 looks each. There are several shows and on Sunday evening there is a judges show with several important designers from the city.
We went Saturday evening and it was incredible! There was so much innovation and creativity. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon

 On Aubrey:
Batik Scarf- Hand-dyed from a Boutique in Savannah, GA
Favorite Red Sweater- Gap
White Denim Shorts- BDG
Black tights- Hue
Knee High Socks- Betsey Johnson
Boots- South Moon Under
Clutch- Coach

 On Melissa:
Top: Urban Outfitters
Dark Denim Jeans:True Religion
Black Flats: Steve Madden

Wednesday afternoon we went to visit a friend working on Madison Avenue and snapped some photos quick! Wednesday has rapidly become our "Blog Photos Day". Somehow miraculously we both ended up with a majority of the afternoon off from classes, so we take the chance to run far, far away from campus for a few hours.