Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Two Do: Sequins

On Aubrey: 
Sweater- BCBG
White button-up- J. Crew
Jeans- Guess
Boots- Kenneth Cole
Collar Piece- H&M

On Melissa:
Sequin Top- H&M

Purse- Thrifted in Antwerp
Gloves- Piumelli (souvenir from Milan!)

Shoes-Steve Madden

This past Saturday, in an effort to procrastinate on the schoolwork that's staring us in the face, we spent a lot of time working on joining the social media world. It's a bit funny in a way, asking friends "how do you, what's it called, tweet?". Anyways, we officially started our Facebook Page and the joined the  Twitter Obsession, we mean started our Twitter Account. We are still new at this whole thing, so come be friendly on our sites and we will definitely stop by yours!

We also added some fun new tabs at the top, our blog is growing up! We are still working on them but you lovely people are welcome to check them out!

The last, but certainly not least, update we added to our blog is the use of larger photos. You all can put away you magnifying glasses for our posts finally! We have received comments in the past about our photos being difficult to see and we finally learned how to make them larger without overlapping the sidebar.

With all these exciting changes, we realized that there is a lot more to do! As much as we enjoy blogging, with how time consuming our schooling is sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with even our site. We were wondering how do you do it? Any tips for balancing blogging, facebook, twitter, and all the other social media sites?

As always, we love you. Have a fantastic week.

P.S. Seriously, one last thing, we just hit 150 followers between GCF and bloglovin. Yay!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bang Bang

Shirt- J.Crew

I love the odd color combo of theses babies. Orange print, teal, and lime green sounds atrocious, but I think Marc killed it.  
Shoes-thrifted marc jacobs

Lookie here, Cut myself some bangs!
Necklace-  Topshop
Can't help but be obsessed with the amazing quilting detail!

On Aubrey:
Top- Parker
Golden light! Golden light! That seemed to be our mantra as we were running around our building to find where the light we still touching the ground. We snapped a few pictures here before we went out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, hope you, our sexy readers, were able to thoroughly enjoy a night full of Guinness, green, and greatness.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hats and Harem Pants

On Melissa:
Harem Pant- American Apparel 

Bag-The Loft

On Aubrey:
Sweater- Kenar
 Dress- Urban Outfitters
Flats- Steve Madden

You see the cheesy grins? These are very real, a moment away for our current midterm schoolwork will do that too us. There was so dancing to my friends, some real fancy foot work.

Unfortunately our poor blog misses some of the tender, love, and care it deserves because we are rather distracted with deadline upon deadline. We will get back to it soon enough though and we will respond to all our lovely readers and check out everything we have missed in the blogging world!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!