Sunday, March 17, 2013


On Aubrey:
Blazer- Aqua
Necklace- Urban Outfitters
Sweater- One A
Pants- H&M
Flats- Dolce Vita

On Melissa:

Above are pictures from a recent collaboration we did with a new site Posh Grid. Check it out! The idea behind the site is that you can click on your favorite "Insider" page and check out their reviews of garments. Then, hopefully, you will agree with said insider and buy up your favorite looks! So if you love either of our styles and would like to hear our slightly cheesy and very truthful opinions about the many gorgeous options listed on this site, click on the photos above and they will take you to our individual pages! We hope you enjoy Posh Grid as much as we have so far.

Aside from that new exciting endeavor, we are in the midst of midterms and counting down the days until spring break. By then, hopefully, the city will have decided what kind of weather it wants to have because lately it has been all over the map. Is anyone else ready for spring? Above are a few photos from a day recently that was actually pretty warm.

Hope you are all well and have a lovely week!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good Afternoon

On Aubrey:
Blouse- H&M
Sweater- Zara
Dress- Parker
Boots- Sam Edelman

On Melissa:

Sometimes school consumes our life and lately we have been wrapped up in the intense workload FIT throws our way. However, during the winter season NYC seems to always be overcast, so when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds we take it as our cue to get out and take a break for a little. The other afternoon, that is just what we did. Sometimes putting on a real outfit and taking a walk outside or going to get a cup of coffee is just what is needed.

We hope you are all having a wonderful week.