Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coney Island

On Melissa:
Pill Box Hat- H&M
Pearls- H&M
Jacket- Free People
Jeans-Rock and Republic

This look was inspired by Jackie O, but I tired to modernize it with the jeans.  I tried to keep the  essence of her past beauty with the pearls, lipstick, and pillbox hat.  She is one of my favorite fashion icons so i thought I'd pay tribute to her.

Yes, we do look in pain. This was caused by the fact that it was incredibly WINDY.

On Aubrey:
White Sweater- H&M
Printed Scarf- H&M
Tee- Express
Belt- Zara
Dark Denim- H&M
Heels- Bakers
Bow- American Apparel

The look I was going for here was little girl meets bright yellow highlighter. I saw this darling little bow first on The hilarious blogger behind this site wore it in a maroon and I though what a cute way to make an outfit a little more interesting. This is my first real attempt at spring colors on our blog. I have become on slightly obsessed with color and color blocking so look forward to lots more:)

On a side note, I was considering maybe displaying some of my fashion sketches on our blog. What do you guys think?

These are genuine laughs here, I could not get over how incredibly windy it was. My hair had a mind of its own.

We took advantage of a beautiful day and little work to do for once to visit Coney Island. These are the pictures we took, hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by! We wish every one of you a lovely day:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Designer Discovery

At the Fashion Girls Love Japan sample sale I found these spectacular legging by Future of Classics.  I had heard the brands name in passing before, but didn't know anything about I did some research.  Future Classics was founded in 2000, by London based designer Julie Wilkins who is mostly known for deconstructed jersey pieces, but she designs knitwear and soft tailoring pieces.  The brand has shown at Paris and London Fashion Weeks and is quickly gaining recognition.   Julie was a painter, and a singer/songwriter before she became a designer. These leggings perfectly represent the brand the kinkiness of the latex, spices up the classic legging and the best part is they are unbelievably comfortable. These leggings are definitely a new staple in my wardrobe.  

On Melissa:
Blazer- H&M
Leggings- Future Classics
Shoes- Pleasurable
(yes, they are in fact stripper heels)
Bag- The Limited 
Fox Tail-Afterlife Anatomy

 This blazer was an amazing find by a designer called Erik Hart. I had never heard of him before and I was curious. I found that he is a designer/artist/photographer. Evident? I think so! This blazer is a work of art, the asymmetry is super interesting in the collar and check out the subtle show of skin in the sleeve cap. Best part about this? It's super light weight so I can wear it into summer:)
 On Aubrey:
Blazer- Factory by Erik Hart
Jeans- Guess
Peep toe Heels- BCBG
Owl Necklace- thrifted
Earrings- Aldo

We would like to thank the the lovely blogger behind for being so sweet and giving us a Stylish Blogger award! Check out her blog, she has some lovely photos.
We would also like to apologize for it taking so long to respond to some of you, right now is a super busy time with school and work. However, we definitely appreciate every comment and e-mail we get and in time we will respond!
Have a great week darlings!

With Love, 
The Tailored Two.