Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spring Fashion Week 2012

On Aubrey:
Dress: Aqua
Crochet Vest: Zara 

Necklace: Thrift Store
On Melissa:
Stockings-Capezio New York

My look was inspired by the shoe. I fell in love with the curve of the heel and the peek of suede under the leather.  So I chose an outfit that would allow the shoe to be the focal point.  I paired these beauties with a shift dress and blazer. 


Even with our busy school schedules, we couldn’t resist heading over to the Lincoln center to check out all the beautiful people! We went last Wednesday evening while Mercedes-Bendz Fashion Week was in full swing. There was some incredible style, we snapped some shots of our favorites and of course each other. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Starting our evening off in Coach on Madison Avenue, we met lovely Kelly Framel in person. Kelly is the friendly and even more beautiful in person, (if you can imagine) blogger behind the site, The Glamourai.

Here we are with our gorgeous friend Ashley who recently started the blog Sophisticated Seams.
On Aubrey: 
Silk Top- Zoa
Sequin Tank- Vince
White Skinnies- H&M
Sandals- J. Crew
Earrings- H&M

On Melissa:
 Jacket: H&M
Lace Top-Aritzia
Leather Skirt- Self Made

 One of our favorite stores of the evening was Alice&Olivia, which did a Carnival themed evening complete with cotton candy, popcorn, face paint, hair extensions, balloons and prizes.

 Possibly the highlight of our evening, meeting Leandra from The Man Repeller. Surely most of you have enjoyed a laugh or two from her site, she is just as fun in person. We were very excited to meet her, she is a huge inspiration to us.

Aubrey: FNO! FNO! That's the mantra that I had been chanting in my head for a week before the night. Any excuse to drink, meet new people, and shop is a-ok in my book!

I chose a very Film Noir inspired look for the evening. I had bought this Vince, sequin beauty the day before and could not wait to show it off. Though, for risk of being too showy, I decided to throw something over top and what better than my sheer silk top? Then pair it with my ultimate go-to white skinnies and I was very satisfied with my look for the night.

Melissa: Free booze, free food, and free stuff, is something I look for anywhere I go.  Fashions Night Out fits the bill and then some.  Celebs, bloggers, designers and anyone who is anyone in the industry are out n' about in stores and on the streets.  Among all the free stuff I got to shop side by side with the elite, and walked amongst the thousands of fabulous stylish people on the streets of Madison and Soho.

 The leather skirt I made roughly a week ago I've been itching to wear it in public, so I finally gave it it's debut paired with a lace top and cropped jacket.

Did any of you lovely people do anything exciting for Fashion's Night Out? Hope it was a blast and enjoy the beginnings of Fashion Week!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Europe Final Part: Como Lago

Dress-American Apparel
Belt-American Apparel
Scarf- Thrift Shop in Belgium
Blouse- H&M
Shorts- Zara

This represents one of our best days in Italy. We went to the GORGEOUS Como Lago. It was exactly what you picture an old Italian town to be, a lake that the town was built up around and quaint homes scattered through the hills around the lake.
Don't believe us about how beautiful it is? George Clooney and Gweneth Paltrow both have vacation homes there and surely they have good taste.

Aubrey: My outfit is safari gone color blocking. I have fallen in love with color this summer and am hoping I can tone it down a little for winter or I am going to look like one confused New Yorker. The scarf I am wearing here is a cheap little scarf I bought at a thrift store in Belgium and has instantly become a staple in my wardrobe.

Melissa: I have completly embraced the maxi dress this summer, I think I bought roughly five this summer alone. The fadora was a fantastic find, all spring I was searching store to store for the perfect one at a reasonable price.  Then one fateful day I walked into uniglo looking for a button down and there it was, the perfect, most comfortable hat I had ever laid eyes on.  For a measly $12 I made that hat my own.  It's awesome with any basic outfit for a little personality.

We wish you all a happy week and now that the Tailored Two are back living in the city together again, you all can look forward to some serious blog revivification.