Sunday, January 29, 2012


Top- Banana Republic
Skirt-Forever 21


Shoes-Made By Me

Dearest followers,
 Aubrey and I are sadly in two different locations at the time, so we have been doing separate post, but we will unite again soon I promise!  

I have been dying to do a DIY project for the longest time, but since I am a design student I don't have a life outside the work room when class is in.  So over winter I finally made the time for some arts and crafts.  The inspiration was Miu Miu's glitter and calf hair pump (fall/winter2011)...but in place of calf hair I used black glitter.  I hope you guys like it!

Find some time this winter while the weather is crappy to... Do It Yourself!!
Have a fabulous week :) -Melissa

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sister, Boots, and a Sweater Made by Me

 On Aubrey:
Sweater- Made by me!
Jeans- Guess
Boots- Sam Edelman

On Nikki:
Leopard shirt and navy shorts- Express
Boots- Aldo

Another series of photos of my sissy and I. For those of you who are new to the two, Nikki is not ordinarily featured on our blog but Melissa and I are not living together because of our school's winter break. She is so pretty though, so how could I help it? 
By the way...

This is a special post. 

Didn't catch that? Let me repeat.


Why, you may ask? 
This is the first post, I have shown anything I actually designed and created. This is silly considering I am studying to be a fashion designer. So, scroll on up there again and check out the sweet little fur collar, cashmere monster I created.

Hope you beautiful people are all having a wonderful week.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold Play

On Aubrey:
Headband- Aldo
Scarf- Express
Denim Shirt- BCBG MaxAzria 
Black Jeans- Guess

 On Nikki (Aubrey's Younger Sister):
Top- Zara
Feather Hair Piece- J. Crew
Bracelets- (studded) Target and (chain) Vintage

Hello friends. During the winter season, Melissa and I are unfortunately in two different states during our winter break from school. Until then, you can enjoy our individual posts.

Here are photos from a rainy afternoon, my sister and I decided to have some photography fun. With the cold weather finally making an appearance, it gets a little less fun to take outfit posts outside. We work with what we've got. Oh and further clarification of the title, this post does not actually have anything to do with the band Cold Play, it just alludes to the fact that we were playing in the cold. You see? Cold play? Sometimes I enjoy myself a cheesy title or two.
Hope you enjoy the photos and have a lovely week:) -Aubrey

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Two in Review

Here are some of our favorites, including the boat photo that started it all. Hope all of you had a wonderful new year and look forward to everything that 2012 brings as much as we do. Enjoy the pictures:)

Have a spectacular week!