Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sometimes Chocolate is Exactly What You Need

Aubrey and Melissa with the lovely Andrea from

On Melissa:
Silk Top- Zoa
Fur Vest-H&M
Necklace- Free People
Leggings- Aritzia
Shoes- Forever 21

On Aubrey:
Poncho- H&M
Pashmina- Found on the streets of NYC
Leopard print top- Express
Black Jeans- Guess
Flats- Steve Madden
Dear Darling Readers,
The Tailored Two apologizes for not posting as much as we would like the past week or two and for the rest of this month. Those of you in school understand how much work it is during finals time! The two of us are working on projects on top of projects. Its exhausting but we know it will be worth it:)

The pictures you see here are from a lovely evening out with some fellow class mates to a favorite restaurant in Manhattan called Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man. A restaurant with this kind of name better have something to back it up, and we can honestly say each and every dessert lives up to it.
This is Megan, we love her coat!


  1. I need to come to New York again and we need to go to Max Brenner's...second I saw that pic with the banana peanut butter goodness I started salivating..just saying...

  2. Love Max Brenner and love those brown boots with the folded flaps.

    I hope you'll check out my blog too!

  3. Gorgeous outfit!!!!! girl you look stunning!

  4. omg i am craving chocolate so bad right now! nice blog ! would love it if we followed each other, if you want :) have a fabulous day/night!

    F. ( xx

  5. thanks for the lovely comment am following back!! XO

    F. ( x

  6. I eat chocolate whenever possible! Fun pictures! xoxoxoxoo